Adult Online

Technology and Adult Education in 2020
Jerome Johnston, Director
Project IDEAL support Center • University of Michigan

In exploring trends in adult education I could not get over how the Internet is having such an incredible impact on the field of education.   In the early 1980’s I took a distance education course from Athabasca Univerisity.  Then we used the mail to submit assignments and the telephone for tutoring support.  Today we have e-mentoring or telementoring which my partner and I explored at great depth,  e-books that allow instant access to text books and save learners money, and a multitude of online courses and curriculums.

With advances in broadband internet, more and more wifi hotspots and the upgrades happening in cell phone technology we now have 24/7 access to the incredible resources of the Internet at our finger tips.  These new technologies will only boost the impact of the internet and intensify the effect of online education.

How ready are instructors and educators to make effective use this learning revolution?  One way we can find out is by using the self assessment tools available at adultedonline.  The site has self assessment tools for both instructors and administrators to find out how tech savvy they are and to assess their potential and abilities to teach distance education.  There is also an extensive list of links to online resources for people interested in this field.

I have set up an account but I think until I am further on in the PIDP program before I take the self assessment.

Adult Online Education


One thought on “Adult Online”

  1. Hi David, I’m Kristine and also in the PIDP program. Like your post about adult online and how it is rapidly blending in our today’s education system. It is always nice to go to school self-paced if you are working lots of hours. The only suggestion I will make on your blog is probably include an actual link of a tool that can be used for adult online learning such as

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