One of the interesting trends in education is the growth of free online university courses such as MIT’s OpenCourseware offered through grouping courses into massive open online courses (MOOCS).  University of Toronto and McGill University in Montreal are joining edX, a not for profit founded by MIT and Harvard.

It is also being used as a research tool to see how adults learn and to modify classroom instruction.  As edX grows to the anticipated millions of students it will provide an incredible opportunity for cognitive-science research into how adults learn.  edX courses will be used as a platform for students to take refresher courses throughout their university careers.  This will allow researchers to study how information is retained.  This would give us a great insight into how memory works.

What an exciting time to get into the field of adult education.




Latest Top 10 news items about higher education in Canada from academica.   I was really interested in the story from Calgary about DeVry Institute of Technology shutting their campus and going online.  It seems to me anything to do with technology should have some hands on modeling involved in the learning process.  The importance is to instill in our learners the confidence to take on ever more challenges.

Anyway you can check out academica for yourself.


Academica’s Top Ten

Thanks to the PDIP 3100 I was connected to the academica group.  I enjoy reading the items in their weekly top ten digest to keep on top of some of the emerging trends in the educational field.   For anyone interested in connecting with this information:
“Academica’s Top Ten is a daily digest of top news and opinion affecting post-secondary education in Canada, published as a free service to our clients and friends. This digest was edited by Katherine Fletcher and Ken Steele at Academica Group, based on publicly-available information.”