Education Is a Self Organizing System

In 2010 Dr. Sugata Mitra dazzled the audience at TED with his talk about his experiments using computers to educate impoverished children in India.  Embedding a computer in a wall the children were able to teach themselves how to use it.  Now with Newcastle University he has designed ever more complicated experiments to push the boundaries of his theory.   No he is attempting to prove the hypothesis that “Education is a self organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon…”

This year at TED Dr. Mitra tells us that schools are obsolete and describes  Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) and makes an appeal for his School in the Cloud.



One thought on “Education Is a Self Organizing System”

  1. These TED productions are amazing. I Like them too. They certainly address the situations well. I like your blog, well organized and to the point. In setting up mine, (PIDP 3240), I think I had too many options! check it out if you have time,

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